• About Us

    Double Asterix  specializes in the creation of fully developed half hour animated comedies for network television, cable, and streaming platforms.

    As multiple viewing platforms and divergent audiences continue to pressure advertising revenues, our fully developed projects offer production companies and networks attractive financial advantages and end-to-end creative resources as needed. 

    Just Add Water

    Our approach to development is “just add water.”  We create the concept, the characters, the art, the voices, the music, and a pencil test trailer all before the buyer needs to spend a dime. 

    This multi-faceted approach minimizes buyer development cost and time to screen by having the project "turnkey" when it arrives for consideration. To that end, our business model for each project “packages” includes:


    - Complete concept and character development

    - A series bible, containing (13) Season 1 episode platforms

    - A “pencil test,” (2 minute animated series trailer)


    - Pilot plus 4-6 fully written additional episodes


    - Full character design art


    - Theme song

    - Character voices for seven primary characters

    Because we are writer / developers by craft, executive notes during the acquisition process are not a problem. We have a fully staffed in-house writer's room, for quick turnaround on revisions and new episodes.  With us, a "win-win" is important.

    Thanks for coming by!